1. Alien Emotion
    Deanna White

  2. Live at the Looney Bin! (And Other Places)
    The Acronyms

  3. Baghwan Bop
    The Shitdels

  4. mouton/Prahnas - split

  5. Creek Stink/Hot Missoury - split
    Creek Stink/Hot Missoury

  6. Space Dingus/Strangefellas - split
    Space Dingus/Strangefellas

  7. 12x12: A Springfield Missouri Compilation

  8. Splittin' Time
    Thee Fine Lines

  9. Ghost Children of Calico
    Ghost Children of Calico

  10. Tales of Hard Luck and Woe
    The Itch

  11. Growing Season
    The Gardenheads

  12. Clawhammer 7"

  13. The Safes/Blackbelts split 7"
    The Safes/Blackbelts

  14. Future Lovers/The Peggy Sues split 7"
    Future Lovers/The Peggy Sues

  15. Let the Sun Shine Out
    Walking Talking Zombies

  16. Instrumental EP
    Thee Fine Lines

  17. Born Tubey Wilde
    Walking Talking Zombies

  18. Vamos a la Playa
    The Jim-Jims

  19. Are Going To Brooklyn
    Victims of Telephone

  20. The Courage to be Hated
    The Itch

  21. All the Horny Details
    The Jim-Jims

  22. Don't Say What It Is
    The Gentleman Callers

  23. Let's Get Broken
    The Jet Set

  24. Box Lunch
    The Jim-Jims

  25. 14 Ways to Make Friends and Influence People
    The Itch

  26. The Jim-Jims/Trixie & the Merch Girls split 7"
    The Jim-Jims/Trixie & the Merch Girls

  27. We've Got the Dance Connection
    The Jet Set

  28. Here It Comes
    The Jim-Jims

  29. Still but Still Spinning
    Victims of Telephone

  30. Dazzle and Flash
    Trixie & the Merch Girls

  31. The best and the rest of...

  32. Dead Giraffe
    Trixie & the Merch Girls

  33. 17 Songs for the Playfully Rebellious
    Really Angry Panda

  34. Our First and Last EP
    The Kidney Infections

  35. Trixie & the Merch Girls and Vaginal Discharge Do Each Other
    Vaginal Discharge/Trixie & the Merch Girls

  36. Meat Market Hotline
    Trixie & the Merch Girls

  37. D.I.Y.
    Trixie & the Merch Girls

  38. Land O'Possumbilities
    Social Stigma

  39. Sings Your New Favorites

  40. The Giant Penguins
    The Giant Penguins

  41. The Rise and Fall of the Middle Class

  42. Another Waste of Plastic
    The Casio Quartet

  43. Bands & Vans: a complilation.

  44. Fugue/Honeymoon Habit split 7"
    Fugue/Honeymoon Habit

  45. They Might Be Midgets

  46. The Protists
    The Protists

  47. Tom's Nightmare
    Walking Talking Zombies

  48. Signal 7
    Signal 7

  49. Our First and Worst Show Ever!
    The Acronyms

  50. Why is it Dark?

  51. Purple Eights
    Walking Talking Zombies

  52. The Noisy Tape
    Walking Talking Zombies

  53. We're the Walking Talking Zombies and You Suck.
    Walking Talking Zombies

  54. Buford
    Walking Talking Zombies

  55. Noise with a Beat: An Incomplete Guide to Midwestern Music

  56. Dillweed
    Walking Talking Zombies


Wee Rock Records Springfield, Missouri

Wee Rock Records is a small label out of Springfield, Missouri that has released records by local/regional bands since 1995. We are a DIY, regional label that is more concerned with documenting local music than with turning a profit. This puts us in the unique position of releasing what we like when we like it. We hope you enjoy listening to the music we release! ... more

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